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Chris BurrowsChris Burrows 

Merge Multiple Reports & Remove Duplicates

Hi there,

I have 2-3 reports that I would like to merge into one and remove duplicate Company/Accounts. Is this possible?

One method I read about was to Create a Custom Report Type (https://www.salesforceben.com/the-drip/tackling-duplicates-in-your-salesforce-marketing-database-finding-merging-duplicate-leads/

Another method was to open up one report, go to Edit> Change format to Joined Report.User-added image

Some things to mention are that the reports I want to merge have identical columns/same layout. One is basically part 1, the other is part 2. There is a third report I would like to merge, but it uses a different object than the other two. (First two are Leads, third report is Activities)

Report 1
Report 2

Chris BurrowsChris Burrows
Bump. Any advice is appreciated.
Bart B.itBart B.it
Have you tried making a custom report type: Leads with or without Activities? If you use this report type you should be good to go.