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Kumar Saurav 45Kumar Saurav 45 

lightning component for weather report

Hello Everyone,

Can someone please help me in creating a Lightning Component for showing the weather report?
Hi Kumar,

Could you please provide us with more details.

1. What that custom object contains ?
2. What we need to show in the lightning components ?

Kumar Saurav 45Kumar Saurav 45

Hello Govindaraj,

First of all, thanks for the reply.

The custom object, Jobs__c contains the job start date, account name, amount, etc.

We need to create a Lightning Component which would show us the Weather Report (for example, weather report of 5 days, 10 days etc.)

Ok.. where do we need to place that component ?

Do you have anywireframe ?
Kumar Saurav 45Kumar Saurav 45
It would be either on the detail page or on the click of a button.
Kumar Saurav 45Kumar Saurav 45
I am new to Lightning Component creation. My requirement is to create a Lightning Component by calling any Free Weather API and get the weather report in the newly created Lightning Component.