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nagendra kumar 21nagendra kumar 21 

How do i write a batch class and trigger on account status to change based on a formula field update happened

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone please help me on how to write a batch class and/or trigger on account status update for below requirement.
I'm pretty new to coding so not sure where to start it from.

Create a batch job that will run hourly with the following functionality:
For any Strategic Supplier Accounts...

1. If the Account.of_Awarded_Divisions_c > 0 and Account.Status != Awarded, Do Not Contact, or Ineligible, then update the Account.Status_c to Awarded

2. If the Account.of_Awarded_Divisions_c = Account.of_Divisions_ever_having_APc, then update the Account.Status_reason_c to Full Award

Andrew GAndrew G
Short answer - you can't trigger from a Formula field change.  Formulas are calculated at runtime so don't really store values.  The system does not recognised the calculation as a change, therefore they can't trigger things like workflows, processes or triggers. 

There is an idea (that seems to be languishing) for this functionality you can vote on:

As for the more general response to what to code, why does the code need to run hourly as a batch?   Because there is a another object that does an update which is then reflected in one of the fields on Account?  It seems you are doing a simple field update based on criteria.  Why not do a Process Builder from the Original record that is causing the formula change on the Account record?

For example, if the Division is an object that updates and then relates to a field on the Account, do a process builder on the Division object to update the Status field when it fulfills the requirements of the computed field.