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Pallavi Ghole 9Pallavi Ghole 9 

lookup filter to limit only current user for specific profile

On a custom object we have a lookup field "Rep" that is related to "User" object. 
I would like to filter that field to only show the current user. 

Below is the Lookup Filter I applied but is does not bring back any values in the list. Any help would be appreciated ==>

Filter CriteriaRep: User IDequalsCurrent User: User ID
Filter TypeRequired. The user-entered value must match filter criteria.
Hi Pallavi ,

Above criteria which you have used is correct. If you are system admin you can select any user.
Other than that you are any user you can select only current user.
Pallavi Ghole 9Pallavi Ghole 9
Thank you for responding Uttpal,
Actually I needed to add the Profile criteria as well so I did that and now it works