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Shubham Sinha 49Shubham Sinha 49 

Lightning Component for community page?

I need to create a lightning page for Community , when a user logs and click a button (that is already developed). It will open a page . with the details of Conset therapy (Custom object with a look up of account).
 there can be two consent types(Type is a custom field of patient therapy) :- 
a) Stare Helath
b) Patient Service.
It has two more custom fields ;
Status and Date.
, so there are three conditions here:- 

1) when the staus is not completed and record is not created(Types of consent) for both the types.
User-added image2) When one type is completed with the data and another is not.
User-added image3) Both records are completed

User-added imageMy Work is not create those records, it will be created by clicking arrow key on the types but that will not handled by me.

If you dont get the explanatation , I can explain more.
Please help on this how to do this