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Ravichandra sindheRavichandra sindhe 

need a batch interface to migrate opportunity with attachments data from one org to another org

need a batch interface to migrate opportunity with attachments data from one org to another org
Ikbal HalakeriIkbal Halakeri
This you can achieve with the dataloader CLI approach, please look into the below steps.
  • Need to install the dataloader
  • Open a command prompt window by selecting Start | All Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt. Alternatively, you can click Start | Run, enter cmd in the Open field, and click OK.
  • In the command window, enter cd\ to navigate to the root directory of the drive where Data Loader is installed.
  • Navigate to the Data Loader \bin directory. Be sure to replace the file path with the path from your system. [1]
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\salesforce.com\Apex Data Loader 22.0\bin
  • Create an encryption key by entering the following command. Replace <seedtext> with password with security token
  • encrypt.bat —g <seedtext>
Ikbal HalakeriIkbal Halakeri

Copy the generated key from the command window to a text file named key.txt
Now create a folder in your local machine and place the Key.txt file in it. Make a note of the file path. In this example, the generated key is ebc3b1c019083d9c
  • Now create the encrypted password using the key that is generated in the previous step. For this command is encrypt.bat –e <Password> C:\DataMigration\key.txt. Replace <password> with the Password that Data Loader uses to log in to Salesforce.
  • Copy the encrypted password that is generated by the command. The encrypted password here is "ENCRYPTED_ID" [2].
  • Open process-conf.xml file from C:\DataMigration folder
  • update the following details in process-conf.xml file:
  1. <entry key="sfdc.username" value=" salesforce target user name "/>
  2. <entry key="sfdc.password" Value=" ENCRYPTED_ID [2]. "/>
Save the process-conf.xml file.
  • Run the apex script to save the data into documents objects.
  • Copy the above generated files to the folder: C:\DataMigration\CSVFiles
  • now go to C:\DataMigration folder and Edit AutoRun.bat file in notepad or any text editior
  • Replace C:\Users\DataLoader\bin with your data loader path [1].
  • Save and double click on AutoRun.dat file.
Ravichandra sindheRavichandra sindhe

thanks Ikbal

i need to know how we do "opportunity with attachments" data load from one salesforce org to another salesforce org using data loader

Ikbal HalakeriIkbal Halakeri
Yes, you need to do the above setup in your system then you can run the .bat file it will automatically deploy all the attachment records with opportunities accordingly.
Ravichandra sindheRavichandra sindhe

is there anyway ..we could connect ?
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