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Mindy Newton 17Mindy Newton 17 

Need email alerts to only fire once from process builder not every time it's edited

My process builder has email alerts going to three different users for an opportunity review.  We did that so three different departments could 'score' the opp before moving forward and management.  I can't use 'Only upon creation' as the criteria in the process builder because we need users to have the ability to save and come back before they indicate it's ready for scoring.  When I set it to 'created or edited' then it fires off the email every time any of the scorers edit the review (duh, that's what I asked it to do, right?)

How do I get this email to only fire when the user had indicated it needs to be scored AND not have it fire everytime it's edited?

Thank you for your help.

Danish HodaDanish Hoda
Hi Mindy,
You can add the criteria to fire when a specific field is being changed using (ISCHANGED()) function