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Leonardo JimenezLeonardo Jimenez 

How to retrieve information from an api rest with a button

Hi, I'm new to apex. I need to make a form that has a "search" button where an ID is entered. With that id it connects to an api rest (https://swapi.co/api/people/'ID HERE '/) and returns information. I only need the following information: Name, Height, Gender, Hair Color, Eye Color, URL, Planet and the Character Number. I want to keep that information in a custom object "characeter__c". Would you help me? Everything done with aura framework
kesava Mallikarjuna 10kesava Mallikarjuna 10
swapi is an odata service,  if possible configure swapi as an external data source  and try to do validate and sync you will be able to see the tables available in that service you can sync what ever objects you like to use in your salesforce. hope this helps.