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Anna Rudenko 9Anna Rudenko 9 

Javascript button Object is not defined

We have Account & its child object CSP Passport (master - detail relationship). 
If child passport already exists (one or many), show the user the message to go and clone existing record. 
If there is no child object - the button on Account shall go to standard creation of this child record. The only field I would like to get prepopulated is Account ID (being master-detail relat.).
Now I am getting error "Account is not defined".
Button is created on Account.
if(Account.CSP_Passport_Count__c>= 1) {
    alert("Please clone the latest created CSP Passport form");} 
else {
      window.open('a4e/e?CSP_Passport_Count__c.AccountId ={!Account.Id}');

Thanks in advance for all the suggestions
Hi Anna,

Please replace 3rd line like below.
if( "{!Account.CSP_Passport_Count__c}" >= 1)
it couldn't able to recognize the Account as that should be in formula expression.

Please let us know if that helps.

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