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Visibility of record in report

Hi All,

I am facing a issue with record visibility in report.
My Oppoertunity is Private.
One user and no body is reporting to that user,for that i have share criteria based sharing rule.In report when i am selecting filter my opportunity it is showing zero,and if i am selecting All opportunity it is showing all opportunity which is incorrect.
Arun Kumar 1141Arun Kumar 1141

Based on the information provided, it seems that the issue you're facing is related to record visibility in reports when dealing with private opportunities and sharing rules. Here are a few issues that you can check:

Verify Sharing Rules: Double-check the sharing rules you have set up for the Opportunity object. Ensure that the sharing rule you mentioned, which is based on share criteria, is configured correctly. Make sure it is targeting the appropriate users or groups and has the desired access level.

Check User Access: Confirm that the user running the report has the necessary access to view the private opportunities. Check their profile, role hierarchy, and any permission sets or sharing rules that might affect their access to these records.

Organization-Wide Default: Review the organization-wide default settings for the Opportunity object. If the default access is set to "Private," it may be limiting the visibility of the records in the report. Adjust the default access settings if needed.

Field-Level Security: Verify that the necessary Opportunity fields used in the report are visible and accessible to the user running the report. Field-level security settings might restrict the visibility of certain fields, even if the user has access to the record itself.

Report Filters: Examine the report filters to ensure they are configured correctly. Confirm that the filters are accurately selecting the desired records based on the criteria you specified.

By reviewing these points, you should be able to identify any potential issues with record visibility in your report.

Hope this will help!