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Kristjan MarianoKristjan Mariano 

Inbound Email using Email Service - Concerns on 'ToAddress' field when Replying to an email

Hey guys,

I'm currently working on inbound emails and the emails that I'm receiving are being inserted as an Email Message that is related to a custom object and has Case as its parent. This part is basically done. But I'm having problems when I'm replying to the emails that I'm receiving, the value in the 'ToAddress' field is automatically populated with the email service address instead of the sender's email address. I tried creating a new quick action (that would replace the Reply button) for the Email Message button with the Action as Send Email (So that I can just set a pre-defined value for the ToAddress field) but it wasn't available in the picklist.

Is there any way to set a default value for the ToAddress so that users won't have to clear the ToAddress and manually set it on their own when replying to an email?