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Junction Object Sharing if 2 parents have differnt owd

Hi Team,
ParentA is primary Parent A and ParentB is secondary Parent on Junction object .

1) OWD on ParentB is Private,
OWD on ParentA is Pubblic read only,
Now what is the OWD on Junction object ?
2) OWD on ParentA is Public ReadOnly
 OWD on ParentB is public-read/write
OWD of Junction object ?
(Note User has Read,Edit access on ParentB and Read access on ParentA)

Could any please describe how can we determine this ?
Danish HodaDanish Hoda
Hi there,
If the relationship is Master-Detail, the OWD for the junction object is the most restricted ones on the parents.
Hi Danish,

Thanks for confirmation but I tried below scenario.
User has Create,Edit access b ParentA, Read access on ParentB.
OWD on parent1 is Public write/Read
Owd on ParentB is Public Wirte/Read
Now I got the sharing access on Junction object is Edit Acces.

Can you confirm this please? If most restricted access means we have to get Read access correct ?

Danish HodaDanish Hoda
Hi there,
Th Read access is on the user profile, but the OWD is Public Read/Write.. so, if the user profile is having Edit access to the junction object, he/she will be able to Edit the junction object as it inherits the OWD of parent objects' Public Read/Write.