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Ischanged function not working in process builder

Hello All,

I have created the Process builder & updating the few fields based on the rule cretria....Ischanged function is working when cretria like this 
ISCHANGED([Lead].Email ) ) || ([Lead].Email <> null &&  [Lead].SkipPB__c = false )

But when u add one condition like this 
ISCHANGED([Lead].Email ) ) || ([Lead].Email <> null &&  [Lead].SkipPB__c = false ) || ([Lead].Email <> null &&  [Lead].listed__c = true )

the process builder is not firing even the email id is changed ...

please help me with the above 

It's working to me when I added only two condition's after adding 3rd condition it's not working.... Pls refer code below

There is an extra parathensis in your formula. Try changing with below:
ISCHANGED([Lead].Email ) || ([Lead].Email <> null &&  [Lead].SkipPB__c = false ) || ([Lead].Email <> null &&  [Lead].listed__c = true )

Your formula works fine for below conditions without any issue:

If an email field is changed (Even when if its changed to null it will trigger PB)
If an email is not null and  either SkipPB__c is set to false or  listed__c  is set to true

Below is optimised formula having fuctionality same as yours :
ISCHANGED([Lead].Email )  ||
( [Lead].Email <> null && (  ( [Lead].SkipPB__c = false ) ||  ([Lead].listed__c = true ) ))

After adding your third condition did you try updating listed__c value to true

Hope this helps! Please mark as best if it does