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Deanna Aaron 11Deanna Aaron 11 

Set text to proper case IF the text has been entered as lowercase or UPPERCASE

We want to create a workflow rule that make the last name value formatted in "Proper Case".
For Example, it should say Smith (Not SMITH or smith)

The challenge: We have some individuals that shouldn’t be set to proper case (E.g. McDonald or DeLuca)

So, I need to workflow rule to first evaluate:
1. Is this text value lowercase or uppercase? (SMITH or smith)
2. If the conditions match (SMITH or smith), than correct it to Smith

Alternatively, if it is entered like this: “McDonald”, then leave the text alone. (upper and lowercase combination).
In other words, the update should ONLY occur if the text is ALL lowercase or uppercase (SMITH or smith)
I have this formula, but it updates ALL text to Propercase regardless of what is entered:

UPPER(LEFT(LastName,1)) & LOWER(RIGHT(LastName, LEN(LastName)-1))
Note: I need it to only be applied if the text is ALL lowercase or uppercase.
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VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Deanna,

This might be out of box functionality and there is no autocorrect feature available based on the inputs provided.

You can use something like this.

UPPER(LEFT( FirstName , 1)) + LOWER(MID(FirstName, 2,80))  
UPPER(LEFT( LastName , 1)) + LOWER(MID(LastName, 2,80))


Hope above information was helpful.

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Vinay Kumar