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Sheree KennerSheree Kenner 

Link existing button code

The ability to link existing Incidents and Changes is missing from our existing Incident forms (completely gone). Can someone provide the appropriate default button code to add these functions back? It's severely limiting for our Service Desk not to have these features.

I need the exact code (I'm not a programmer) to add the following buttons to the Incident form:
  • Select and Link Incidents to Incident and Create and Link Incident to Incident
  • Select and Link Changes to Incident and Create and Link Change to Incident

Currently, we only have the ability to create "New Incident" or "New Change" which is impacting production.

Again, I don't need to know how to modify the form, I need to know the programming code to recreate these buttons. We do not have in-house development as a support option.

Could someone please help with the code?

Thank you.