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Communication Between Communities

We want to have 2 separate communities which are able to send messages to each other in a 1-on-1 conversation.

Community A users will be able to initialise a conversation and respond to threads they have opened.
Community B users will be able to send messages in threads which have been opened with that user.

For example:
Community A user opens a conversation with Community B user

Community B user responds.

Community A user responds again.

Can you please let me know what would be required for this project?
My most major concern is Community B users should not be able to see other users in Community A or B. They should only be able to see the name of the Community A user that opened a thread with them.

I have been researching for threads in google regarding this but  I have not found any threads regarding the same.
Hi Lex08,

To let two users communicate between each other first they should have access to both community and access to users.

If you don't want that, then you need to write a custom development using lightning or visualforce to replicate the functionality of the messages.
This will bring users from community b and send them a message. You need to be very cautious about this approach and needs some architectural understanding of application.

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