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Domnic JohnsonDomnic Johnson 

Standard & Custom object with Field Update / Lead Assignment


Hope all are keeping safe.

I am trying to assign leads to the queue. The Value for this condition is on our custom object. I need the value to be update on lead record and then lead assignment rule to assign the lead to the queue depend on the value which is there on the field.

Arun Kumar 1141Arun Kumar 1141
Hello Domnic,

To assign leads to a queue based on a value from a custom object, you can follow these steps:
  1. Create a custom field on the Lead object to store the value from the custom object. Let's assume the field name is "Custom_Object_Field__c".
  2. Write a trigger or process builder on the custom object to update the "Custom_Object_Field__c" field on the related Lead records whenever the value changes on the custom object.
  3. Create an assignment rule to assign leads to the queue based on the "Custom_Object_Field__c" field value.
  4. Define the rule entry criteria in the assignment rule based on the possible values of the "Custom_Object_Field__c" field. For example, if you have three possible values ("Value 1", "Value 2", and "Value 3"), you can create three rule entries with the following criteria: Rule Entry 1: Custom_Object_Field__c equals "Value 1" . Rule Entry 2: Custom_Object_Field__c equals "Value 2" . Rule Entry 3: Custom_Object_Field__c equals "Value 3".
  5. For each rule entry, specify the queue to which the lead should be assigned.
With this setup, when the value on the custom object changes, the trigger or process builder will update the corresponding "Custom_Object_Field__c" field on the related Lead record. Then, the assignment rule will evaluate the field value and assign the lead to the appropriate queue based on the defined rule entries.

I hope this will help!