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Emilien Guichard 40Emilien Guichard 40 

Issue on badge Empower Your Salesforce Users > Survey Basics > Add Logic to Your Survey


Did someone managed to pass the third step of the "Empower Your Salesforce Users" badge ?
It has been added recently and it is keeping on falling with the error  :

"Challenge not yet complete in My Trailhead Playground
We couldn't find a question with display logic. Make sure one of your questions has display logic."

And I do have a display logic working on the "Tell us what didn’t go well with the installation" question :

User-added image
Thanks for the help !
Emilien Guichard 40Emilien Guichard 40
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AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 

For all the Trailhead issues please report it here,


So that our trailhead support engineers will look into it and get back to you.

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.

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Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
My trials on this step also reflect the same error - 

This should be so simple. I've created 2 new TH orgs thinking something else was wrong. When I preview all the various scenarios, it runs right. The display logic window displays properly, yet failure occures :(
I've tried Activating the survey also, even though it does not say to do this.

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FWIW (and my 2 cents) - All future new steps should not be added to previously completed badges. That is kind of wonky.
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Emilien Guichard 40Emilien Guichard 40
The challenge is expecting a survey called "Solar Panel Feedback Survey" but the one created in the module is "Customer Review of Solar Panels".

Just rename the survey to "Solar Panel Feedback Survey" and it will pass.
Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
Thanks. That did it. Where did that name come from?
Emilien Guichard 40Emilien Guichard 40
When I tried to validate the challenge on a brand new playground org I got the following error message :
"We couldn't find a survey named 'Solar Panel Feedback Survey'. Make sure you've enabled surveys in your Trailhead org."
Susmitha Gutha 10Susmitha Gutha 10


I had few issues with this badge and resolved in this way.
1. Enabled surveys in the TP, made the sharing settings for survey object=Private
2. created the survey as per the instructions on Trailhead 
3. Adding logic to survey--> once the logic is created(click on create formula for the first step on the challenge)
4. Make sure the name of pages,survey is accurate as per the instructions in Challenge. 
5. Save the survey.[ Activation is not required]

Let me know if you still have any issues here. I did spend some time researching here. I may be able to help I can try :)



Caio CostaCaio Costa
Hi, I cant find the option: 3. Adding logic to survey--> once the logic is created(click on create formula for the first step on the challenge)

where is this "create formula"?
homedepotcomsurveyss comhomedepotcomsurveyss com
Just rename the survey to "Solar Panels Feedback Survey," and it will pass. It sounds good. Our feedback is helpful to management. That's why top stores like home depot are interested in taking feedback with https://homedepot.com/survey (https://www.homedepotcomsurveyss.com/)