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Tracy Oden 41Tracy Oden 41 

flow external services Post body using variables

I am trying to use External Services with Flow. The schema file includes a body. I do not know how to set the body using variables I have created. The body only allows a single apex defined variable input. There is no body apex defined variable generated by the schema. I am not sure if one is needed.

I am new at this. Any idea how to use flow to set variables to an esternal services body during a Post call out?

I am happy to share my schema file. Any help will be greatly and gratefully appreciated.
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 

Hi Tracy,

Review below links which can help you on flow external services.


Vinay Kumar

Mark Gaither 12Mark Gaither 12
A lazy and bad response. Neither link provides a hint of a solution.