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Akshata ShahAkshata Shah 

Redirect to another window

Hii Friends,
I want code for to redirect window to another page after clicking custom button.
Help me PLzzz.
<apex:page standardController="Offers_Appraisals__c" extensions="NanoHRSheet" action="{!HRSalarySheet}">
This is my VF page.
Thank you :)
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Akshata,

I found the below links where in there is a similar implementation of opening the links in a new window can you please check them out once:

>> https://www.sundoginteractive.com/blog/new-window-javascript-visualforce

In case if you found it useful in your implementation can you please mark this as the best answer so that it is helpful for others.