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Optimised Routing In FSL APP

Hi FSL Experts
I have started a new project on FSL and facing one issue. We have one requirement where we need to optimise the route for the delivery guys so that they can see the optimised route for their journey from starting to end. 
- If there are 5 service appointments with 5 different addresses and once resource open the FSL app they can see all the SA's.(This is working)
- Then there should be a provision to accumulate these addresses and give the best optimised route to the delivery guy so that he starts his journey in a sequence rather than going from a same road again and again. The person should see optimised map of all the addresses and starts his journey according to the results given by optimised routing.

I hope the question is clear to you all and looking forward for the resolution from the experts.

AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ronu,

You'll need to leverage the Global optimization feature, or the RSO (Resource Schedule Optimization Feature) for that.

To further explain:
Service Appointments are created in status 'None' (or 'New') and can be 'Scheduled' on the Gantt (meaning - the Resource's day) either:
  • Manually - using dragging and drooping. No route optimization is involved
  • Automatically - using tools like Schedule, Bulk Schedule, Auto Schedule, Get Candidates and Appointment Booking. Although we take into consideration the different Service Objectives when automatically Scheduling, this method can't promise an optimized route as the Algorithm used with these methods is a greedy one (Schedules each service in a sequential order, and to the best place possible at that given moment) without the ability to move already scheduled services.
  • Optimization (Global Optimization, In day Optimization or RSO) - Send a list of service appointments (and service resources) and have the optimization engine evaluate thousands of combinations, seeking the route that produces the best value for the customer based on the Scheduling Policy definitions.
Note: Using optimization always required to conduct tests with different scheduling policies in order to adjust the behavior to the customers requirements.
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Hi Anudeep
Thanks for your quick response. Are you saying this is the standard functionality of FSL and I don't need to add any customisation. I can see this option on the console but how will this feature give the sequence wise optimsed route to the delivery guy.?

Also how can I see this feature in the FSL app and not only in dispatcher console.
AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Q: Is the standard functionality of FSL and we don't need to add any Customization here?

A: Yes, It's a standard functionality of FSL, no need for customization, but requires configuration to get the desired outcome.
Q: how will this feature give the sequence wise optimized route to the delivery guy?
A: The Optimization engine is designed to do exactly that - produce the best route possible given the constraints (When is the customer Home, When does the work day end etc.)
Have the customer listen to the Optimization webinar recording: (Requires registration).
If you are using a partner for implementation, have the partner reach out to the relevant territory's Partner Practice Development lead to learn how that can be trained on optimization.
If you are self implementing, you should take the 2 FSL related training courses in an e-learning format (including training videos and hands on exercises
Implementer Training:
Advanced Training:

Q: How can we see this feature in the FSL app and not only in dispatcher console?
A: Running optimization can't be initiated from the FSL Mobile App in a same way as it's not meant for the field resource to invoke.

Though, you can trigger optimization via an OAAS API call:

Hi Anirudh

Yes I need this optimisation in the mobile app only for the field people. And the last link you sent me for OAAS class and it's methods looks good. Can you please me help to understand how controller and other things would look like to complete this implemenatation.? I have never done or used this before and would appreciate if you can support me in the same. 
I really appreciate your efforts mate..!!


AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ronu, 

For technical and implementation guidance, I recommend engaging Salesforce professional services 

You can contact your Account Executive/Engage Support or refer for more information

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