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Łukasz LelakowskiŁukasz Lelakowski 

AppExchange - publishing apps as private individual

Hi, I'm working on a small project and I think that it would be nice to publish in on AppExchange. Is it mandatory to represent/own company to use AppExchange completely? I would like to work as a private individual, but I'm afraid that is not possible. Unfortunately in my case starting company is not an option.
JehanZaib BhattiJehanZaib Bhatti
I don't Think that you need to own a Companey Just to use APPExchange Completely.But You need To learn All About it Before You Jump into it.
You can Learn more about it here (https://teatvapkpro.com)
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 

To publish an application or component on the AppExchange, the individual or entity publishing the application or component must be approved to participate in the Salesforce Partner Program and agree to the Salesforce Partner Program Agreement. The individual accepting this [Publishing Acknowledgment] hereby acknowledges that the publication of the application or component is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in such Salesforce Partner Program Agreement, including Addendum A - AppExchange Program Benefit.

For your reference,