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The formula expression is invalid: Syntax error. Found ',' on PB

Hello All,

Getting the error "The formula expression is invalid: Syntax error. Found ','" on PB when i used the formula expression.

IF([Object__c].amount__c <>  null, [Object__c].amount__c ,0)

AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi VSK98, 

IF([Object__c].amount__c <> NULL, [Object__c].amount__c ,0)

I have always seen null specified as 'NULL'. If this doesn't help, you can try ISBLANK([Object__c].amount__c)

Hi VSK98,

I agree with Anudeep.

But if you MUST check for null explicitly, you can use ISNULL just like Anudeep showed ISBLANK:
Which would give you either...
IF(ISNULL([Object__c].amount__c), 0, [Object__c].amount__c)
IF(NOT(ISNULL([Object__c].amount__c)), [Object__c].amount__c, 0)
But I think this one is the best:
NULLVALUE([Object__c].amount__c, 0)

It is in the form of...
NULLVALUE(expression, substitute_expression) it does the logic for you if you want to keep the original expression as long as it is not null.
Hi VSK98,

Did you try what any of us suggested?  If so, did it work?
Or did you do something else that worked?
Or do you still have the problem?

Please update.