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Chris Walters 9Chris Walters 9 

getting role of owner of a Task

Given a Task has a OwnerId that ties to a User, and
User has a UserRoleId field that ties to a UserRole, and
UserRole has a string Name field, I'd like to extract the role of the owner of a given task. This loads without error:
public String getRoleOfOwner( Task task) {
    User user = [SELECT Id FROM User WHERE Id = :task.ownerId];
    UserRole roleObj = [SELECT Id FROM UserRole WHERE Id = :user.UserRoleId]; 
    return roleObj.Name;

But that seems so old-school and unnecessary. Isn't there some dot-notation like
String roleOfOwner = task.OwnerId.User.UserRole.Name

where I can get the value directly?


Chris , SF Developer Day 20
Agustin BAgustin B
Hi Chris, you can save one query doing this in line 2 User user = [SELECT Id,UserRole.Name FROM User WHERE Id = :task.ownerId];
I think you will only need one query to get this.

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Dave ShulmanDave Shulman
Does this not work?
public static String getRoleOfOwner (Task tsk){
        String RoleName = Tsk.Owner.UserRole.Name;
        return RoleName;
Chris Walters 9Chris Walters 9
This does, Thanks!

Further learning: I see in Workbench that field OwnerId in Task has a relationshipName of Owner. But AccountId in Task has a relationshipName of Account. So in Apex coding I should be using the relationshipName of a field when that field is a Lookup to another sObject, correct?