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Maureen CaballeroMaureen Caballero 

Why cant I fill in content section when trying to create visualforce custom button?

Hello, I am trying to create a custom button, but when I select content source as visualforce page, I can't do anything with the last component on the screen, "Content". It won't let me fill in anything, nor will it let me select the up/down arrows. Is there something that I need to enable for this to work? User-added image
Maureen CaballeroMaureen Caballero
I am trying to make content ContactListView [ContactListView]
Nalini ch 6Nalini ch 6

It looks like our team of experts can help you resolve this ticket. We have Salesforce global help-desk support and you can log a case and our Customer Success Agents will help you solve this issue. You can also speak to them on live chat. Click on the below link to contact our help-desk. Trust me it is a support service that we are offering for free!


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