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Maximum days to get candidates or to book an appointment

In the Field Service Settings under scheduling there is a setting entitled "Maximum days to get candidates or to book an appointment ". the number only extends to 31 days. My company's business process needs this number to be at least 60 days. How can I raise number to 60 or what customizations can I make so we can allow the Book Appointment feature or self scheduling on the community so users can schedule appointment more than 30 days out. Are there any solution already that will fit this need
Sai PraveenSai Praveen (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Bob,

I hope this is Hard limit from salesforce end to avoid performance issue and Crashes. We have an idea posted where the request to delete this limit or to increase the limit. You can upvote the ides and salesforce may consider this in future releases based on the votes.


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Hi Sai,
I already voted for this :-) but i need a work around and was wondering if someone had came across a solution already.