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Neil KimNeil Kim 

Mixing of jQuery, ActionFunction

Hi all.
I'm working for pass variable from VF to another VF.

Here is my code.
First VF
<apex:actionFunction name="setParam" action="{!passParam}" reRender="resultPanel" status="myStatus">
	<apex:param name="firstparam" assignTo="{!s1}" value=""/>
First VF jquery
    .click(function(event) {
and then, I have <a> tag for moving to next page like this
<a href="/apex/page2"><div  class="col-xs-6   col-md-4   text-center"><b> Next ></b></div ></a>

Finally, second VF
    window.onload = function(){

However, currently variable s1 is not passed.
alert show me empty box.

Could you please guide me about the issue?

Thanks in advance.