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Nat SavNat Sav 

Sales path validation

Hi Team,

could you help me, please to understand is it possible to restrict the user to change the sales path value:
We have Status for Account which values set according to the Opportunity quantity and their values.
But any user may change the value on the sales path manually.
Is it possible to restrict It? (I tried to do the value not editable, it did not help).

Nat SavNat Sav
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Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
With the standard one the only way you can able to do it is .. 

Removing the pick list value from the path ( use record types and do it ) 

But with the standard  Sales path You cannt able to do it ( But validation rule will wokr ) 

You can use custom picklist path or ligtning path components 
Nat SavNat Sav
Raj Vakati, could you please specify your answer?
We use custom picklist for Status.