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Account name not populating when you add a contact to case edit page in lightning

Hi All, 
Case>new> on case edit page,
I have added a contact but account name NOT populating in lightning. But in classic if you add contact to case edit page, it will populate the account name. 
I dont know wether it is a limitation or something. Any one has any work around or idea how to overcome this? Please suggest me. see below screenshot. 
Thank you in advance
User-added image
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Yes ..Its wnt do an autopopulate the account when you selected the contact 

But When you enter the contact and tab out to account you can able to see the Accouns for the contact ..See the image 
User-added image
@Raj Vakati
Yes, i can see them but I dont know the shwoing account is associated to atatched contact right? is there any otherway to overcome this like using trigger or lightning component?
Please help anyone. 
Thank you
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Only way is if you override the lookup filed with the custom component .. you can use a custom lookup component in that case