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Vinod BatraVinod Batra 

How to recover the records created by a user who has left the organisation?

Hi All,
Please consider the below scenario.
In salesforce org we have a user (say U1), U1 has created multiple records of the custom object (say O1), the object O1 has private OWD and U1 is the topmost role in the role hierarchy.
Now U1 has left the org due to some reasons, and the user is deactivated by the System Admin.
Do we have any way that we can see the records of the object O1 created by the user U1 ?
Thanks in Advance...
You can think of one of the below approaches:
  1. Since System Admin have access to all components,ask him to change the owner.
  2. Replace new user's profile & Role with the one who is deactivated.
  3. Write without sharing apex class hence all sharing  rules for the current user are not enforced.