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Forrest Muldune 36Forrest Muldune 36 

Flow - Only Display fields that are ISBLANK on a Screen Element

I created a button "Send Email" that starts a Flow on an Opportunity. 

I created a Record Lookup element in the flow and created variables for the Opportunity field I want to capture. I created 30 variables.

Is there a way to display only the Opportunity fields that are ISBLANK on another Screen element? If yes, how would I accomplish this? Do I need to create a formula? I currently have 30 Opportunity fields I want to check. 

I created the Flow to ensure a user could check to see if they entered information in all fields.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Hi Forrest,

Achieveing this directly is not possible. To get to what you need, we would have to write a new coded page which renders the field based on if the value is blank or not.

In flow, what we can do is.
  1. Split the 30 variables to say 5 screens, all the fields on one screen not a good user experience
  2. Marks the fields on screen as required or not depending on your requirement
  3. As a final step just before the record creation show all the 30 fields on a single screen to show what values the user as keyed in and confirm.
This way we are making sure, the user has entered the data and is confirming it on the last screen. Just in case if the user left anything the user can navigate back to the respective screen and update the missing data.

I know this is not something which you are looking for but this should get you started on an alternative.

Hope this helps