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Denis KrizanovicDenis Krizanovic 

superbadge service cloud - Challenge 3

I'm trying to get through the service cloud superbadge, and challenge 3 is giving me this issue

"We can't find Entitlements on the Case Lightning Page. Ensure Entitlements are visible on Cases in Lightning."

I've got entitlements on the case record page, via the parent account, and I've got entitlements history via the parent Entitlement Name.. 

What is it actually looking for? 
SFDC Prime SquadSFDC Prime Squad
Hi Denis,

Can you please check Field Accessibility to be set for the Entitlement Name field on the Case Object once ?
Denis KrizanovicDenis Krizanovic
If by "Field Accessibility", you mean click the "View Field Accessibility" button, then this is what I saw

view field accessibility
Marissa Geller 10Marissa Geller 10
Hi Denis, I just finished the badge, and I believe I also had to add Entitlements to the Service Console app as well. I've got Case Milestones on the Case page layouts and I made the tab visible in the regular Service App too.  Hope one of these does the trick... I fought with this one for awhile and I can't remember which was the one that fixed it.
Denis KrizanovicDenis Krizanovic
Thanks Everyone. 

To complete the loop on this and leave a breadcrumb for others in this journey, none of the suggestions was the answer. But it gave me pause to think about how Case Milestones were showing in the lightning page. I had added Case Milestones to the page layout, but realised that I hadn't made the same visible in Lightning. So, I added the "Milestones" component, which is not a related list for some reason, and voila! The error message about Entitlements went away when I added Milestones.

Thank goodness, I was feeling trapped.

Thanks everyone who jumped in to try and help.

Viju Sume 8Viju Sume 8
I've added milestones component in the page layout in the right sidebar. Still I'm getting the same error. Do you have any idea where I'm going wrong?
Smita Dubal 7Smita Dubal 7
Hi Denis,

I am facing same issue while solving Challenge 3. I have added the Case Milestone in Related list, it is not visible on Case record list in lightning but is visible in Classic. Entitlement and Milestone status has editable field level accessibility. Could you please  help me in resolving the issue? Thank you.

Gauthier MuguerzaGauthier Muguerza
Here's how I've passed the challenge:

Step 1. Go to Setup.
Step 2. Go to Object Manager.
Step 3. Select Case.
Step 4. Head to Lightning Record Pages.
Step 5. Select "New".
Step 6. Select "Record Page".
Step 7. For Label, enter "Case" and for Object, select "Case".
Step 8. From the "Clone Salesforce Default Page" Section, select "Case Record Page For Lightning Console", then click "Finish". 
Step 9. From the "Lightning Components" on the left, drag the "Milestones" component somewhere on the canvas.
Step 10. Click "Save", then "Activate".
Step 11. Make sure that you assign this Lightning Page as the Org default. 

I hope this works for you! :)
Web Order 8Web Order 8
Gauthler you are a lifesaver. I don't remember going through the Lightning Record Pages in the required lessons before this - glad someone wrote them out. Thank you!
Gauthier MuguerzaGauthier Muguerza

I'm happy I could help you, Web Order 8!

Actually, I don't think my answer is the best. You could also pass the challenge with these simpler steps:

Step 1. Go to your Service Console, which is renamed as "Cloudy Support Service Console".
Step 2. Select any Case Record.
Step 3. Click on the Wrench icon, i.e., the logo in the top-right corner that you usually click to go to "Setup" or to "Service Setup".
Step 4. Instead of clicking on "Setup" or on "Service Setup", select "Edit Page".
Step 5. From the "Lightning Components" on the left, drag the "Milestones" component somewhere on the canvas.
Step 6. Click "Save", then make sure that you activate your page.

Hope this helps! :)

Daniel Mitchell 16Daniel Mitchell 16
Hey guys can you help me, I keep getting the error: 

User-added image

"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
We can't find the Entitlements Tab on the Console. Ensure there is a tab on the service app to see support level assignments overall."

1) I have added the Entitlements tab to the console like this: 

User-added image

2) I have added the milestone lightning component in the console: 

User-added image

3) I have added the "Entitlements" tab to the regular Service app:

User-added image

4) I have added the entitlements related list on account: 

User-added image

What am I missing???
Anitha JulianAnitha Julian
To let a user create cases from entitlements or change a case’s assigned entitlement, make the Entitlement Name field on cases editable for their profile.
Smita Dubal 7Smita Dubal 7

Gauthier, That was super helpful. Adding the Milestone to Case Lightning Record page resolved the challenge. I was stuck on the Challenge #3.
Thank you so much!!!
Tamal chakrabortiTamal chakraborti
@Gauthier Muguerza thanks a ton !!!
Siri Deva Singh KhalsaSiri Deva Singh Khalsa
Thanks Gauthier Muguerza. Adding the milestone component to the Case Lightning Record page was what I needed!
Akshay ReddyAkshay Reddy
Hi @Daniel Mitchell 16,

If you've added the tab direclty from service console it will be applicable to your own navigation item. Instead to make it available to all the users, please add the object from app builder as shown below. I hope this will resolve the issue.

User-added image
Ekta Gupta 23Ekta Gupta 23
Hi @Gauthier Muguerza

I have exposed a visualforce component for Milestone Tracker on the case lightening console . It is working fine with my profile-sys admin, but when I am loging in with another sales profile which needs access for console, getting insufficient priviledges error. can you please advise.

Sys Admin profile

Sales Profile
madhavi mishramadhavi mishra
@Gauthier Muguerza
Thanks Gauthier .. 
Khaled KhalifiKhaled Khalifi
For the service cloud super badge,
Do I need to pay for a soft dialer to complete it?
I am getting stuck with the following error:
"We can't find the Softphone, Be sure to update the utility bar to include a softphone'
Thanks for any help guys I can get guys,
Ramkumar V 18Ramkumar V 18
Voila! Add the Milestones to the page and that solved it! Thanks guys... I could go home feeling relieved now! Whew :-)
Brian Stephans 11Brian Stephans 11
I was getting the error about not having access to the "Entitlement Name" field on the system administrator profile.  Of course, I checked the System Administrator profile and ensured it had access to all "Entitlement" related fields.  That wasn't the problem.  The problem was the Entitlement Name field on the CASE OBJECT.  For whatever reason, the profile didn't have access to that field.  Check field level security on the case object to fix this.
Jessica RowanJessica Rowan
@Daniel Mitchell. I found that I had to go through ALL of my Account Page Layouts (whether they were the ones I've assigned to the Cirrus Support process or not) to pass this challenge and resolve the "Can't find the Entitlements Related List on the Account Page Layout"
Anant Sharma 21Anant Sharma 21
For me this resolved when i added milestones tab under details, to the panel on the right.

also instructed in the module below.
Anant Sharma 21Anant Sharma 21
alright, this is super strange. I resolved it by above steps, after which the challenge started giving me the error - cant find 'cirrus support process'. so to resolve that i deleted the entitlement process and created it, and rechecked the challenge, and the 'Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We can't find the Entitlements Tab on the Console. Ensure there is a tab on the service app to see support level assignments overall.' returned back.

seems like something is buggy in the challenge.
Anant Sharma 21Anant Sharma 21
Alright... finally resolved. i didnt do a lot of hit and trial beyond this to figure out of #1 or #2 was the resolution item. The challenge got awarded and i was relieved. My understanding of the statement is that the use case wanted it added to the 'Service' Console. Which is a standard classic console page. cloning that we had created the 'Cloudy Support Service Console'. i added the entitlement to the navigation items in 'Cloudy Support Service Console' app settings as well. That is the 2nd step.

1. go to app manager -> service (classic) -> edit -> add entitlement.
2. Add entitlement to navigation menu item for 'Cloudy Support Service Console'.
standard service console - edit - add tabs
User-added image
Susmitha Reddy 4Susmitha Reddy 4
@Akshay Reddy, thank you!! it saved my day.
Amanjot PurewalAmanjot Purewal
Thanks  @Gauthier Muguerza, the milestone component to the Case Lightning Record page was what I needed!
Clean DEVClean DEV
If anyone is still ripping hair out on this one - make sure you are in the "correct" Service Console.  I Spent way too much time on this and am kicking myself over my silly user error!!
Arun PrajapatArun Prajapat
@Anant Sharma 21   worked !...