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Embeded visualforce is showing as blank

Hi All,

We have created simple Hello Word visualforce page which is displaying blank in salesforce 1 and working as expepcted in Lightning Experience. 
"Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app" checkbox is checked on visualforce page and it was working till friday.

I believe this might be issue due winter'19 release.

Please find below screenshot of lightning experience and salesforce 1 app.
1. Lightning Experince Screenshot
Lightning Experience Screenshot

2. Salesforce1 App Screenshot
Salesforce1 Screenshot

Please let me know if you came across this kind of issue and let me know if any solution available.

Couple of guys, facing same issue and make a reported here
Check that link

Mark as resloved if it helps :) :)​
Bhanu Prakash
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Hi Bhanu Prakash,

Thanks for your response.
Yes styling issue is there but currently page is displaying nothing in salesforce1 app and same working in lightning experience .
This issue is specific to one client's sandbox and working in other's client sandbox.

Please find below code snippet.
<apex:page standardController="Account" >
       Hello World !!