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Darshit Pathak 3Darshit Pathak 3 

How to Pass input value from VF page to controller without Submitting the form?

Consider the below code:
Page :
<apex:form >
                  Description: &nbsp;&nbsp;
                  <apex:inputTextarea value="{!dsc}" >
                      <apex:actionSupport reRender="searchResultPanel" event="onKeyUp"/>
          <apex:outputPanel id="searchResultPanel">


Controller :
public with sharing class BotPageController {
    public String dsc { get; set; }
    public BotPageController() {

I want that whenever input is given in the textArea , it should be reflected on outputPanel in real time. without any submit button.
How to achieve this?
Basically I want the String to be stored in the controller variable as soon as it is changed on the page.
Sampath SuranjiSampath Suranji
Since javascript (here the event name )are case sensitive, change the event as,