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Can Salesforce Connect be used to connect to an on premise Oracle database?

Hi there,

I want to be able to bring data from an on premise Oracle database into external objects within a Salesforce Org.

Can the OData connectors be used to connect to an on premise Oracle database?
If not, is there a type of connector that will allow me to connect to an on premise Oracle database or will I have to write an Apex solution or use Heroku?

Any help appreciated. I understand the concept of using external objects, its just determini g the best way to connect to the Oracle database.

Many thanks

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
See my comments here .. 

As per OData , its support event local  data connection .. 

SO there are the options 

1 . Use JDBC or other APi to connect to local SQL Db and expose the data as an external facing OData .. OData has support for java .. 
And call the external OData connction in salesforce

2. Find some connectors or tools that will expose you local DB schema and Data as a external facing data .. 

Let me you thoughs 
Hi Raj,

So are you saying create an OData Rest API to expose the data from within the Oracle database.

Then configure an OData Salesforce connector to point at that API?
Nishanth Kadiyala 9Nishanth Kadiyala 9
Absolutely! As suggested above, you will need an OData end point for Oracle. Progress DataDirect's Hybrid Data Pipeline can help you with this. They offer an OData solution for Oracle (https://www.progress.com/odata/oracle-database) without any coding . This solution also includes an on-premises data gateway that can help you make your on-prem data easily accessible to Salesforce without technologies such as VPN or SSH. You can learn more about this solution in this whitepaper (https://www.progress.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/datadirect/documents/products/salesforce_connect_oracle_wp.pdf). Also, here is a tutorial (https://www.progress.com/tutorials/odata/access-on-premises-data-from-salesforce-securely-via-oauth2-using-odata) on this topic.
Thanks for the links Nishanth I will do some reading.
Were you able to find any solution for this. We have the same problem of integrating an Oracle databse with Salesforce. We are still struggling to find the best way to integrate Oracle database to Salesforce.
Nishanth Kadiyala 9Nishanth Kadiyala 9
@pseudodarwinist: Have you tried the links I pasted above? It is very straight forward with Hybrid Data Pipeline. Would you like to get on a call to discuss this?
@Nishanth Kadiyala 9 Sure. It would be helpful.Let me know your numbner and i will call you.
Nishanth Kadiyala 9Nishanth Kadiyala 9
@pseudodarwinist Let us connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nishanthkadiyala/ so that I can share my number. Talk to you soon.
@Nishanth Kadiyala 9: I am assuming Progress Data Direct is a Paid solution. But if i decide to buy it, DO i have to buy salesforce Connect as well, which to me is a bigger problem(it is very costly for a simple one application integration)
James CrennanJames Crennan
Hey all - I'm chairman at DreamFactory.com. We have a secure, cloud hosted, HTTPS proxy built for API integration with behind-the-firewall data stores like Oracle. DreamFactory is OSS and you can kick the tires or reach out and our team will be happy to get your data flowing.
Boris FrankBoris Frank
Hi! You can link data from the Oracle database to Salesforce with no coding using the combination of Skyvia Connect (https://skyvia.com/connect/oracle-odata) and Salesforce Connect. Skyvia Connect allows you to create an Odata endpoint to Oracle database, to be displayed as external object in Salesforce using Salesforce Connect.