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Bogdan PascuBogdan Pascu 

Loop must iterate over collection: Id


I ahve the following controller and I get tghis error on line 27: Loop must iterate over collection: Id. Can someone help me on how to solve this pelase. 

public class LightningMapListingsController {

    public static List<ListingWrapper> getAllListings(){
        List<pba__Listing__c> listings = [SELECT Id, Name, pba__ListingPrice_pb__c, MonthlyRent__c,
                             pba__PropertyType__c, Listing_status__c, pba__Street_pb__c, pba__Address_pb__c, Location__c, 
                             pba__Latitude_pb__c, pba__Longitude_pb__c, pba__PostalCode_pb__c 
                             FROM pba__Listing__c ];
        List<ListingWrapper> result = new List<ListingWrapper>();
        //process the result in a wrapper format
        //which would be easy to pass to map attriutes in lightning component
        for(pba__Listing__c listing : listings){
            //Creating a listingWrapper object
            ListingWrapper listingWrap = new ListingWrapper();
            listingWrap.Name = listing.Name;
            listingWrap.Price = listing.pba__ListingPrice_pb__c;
            listingWrap.MonthlyRent = listing.MonthlyRent__c;
            listingWrap.PropertyType = listing.pba__PropertyType__c;
            listingWrap.Status = listing.Listing_status__c;
        List<ListingAddressWrapper> listingAddressList = new List<ListingAddressWrapper>();
            for(pba__Property__c  add : listing.pba__Property__c){
                ListingAddressWrapper listingAddress = new ListingAddressWrapper();
                listingAddress.icon = 'custom:custom31';
                listingAddress.title = listing.Name;
                //Creating a AddressWrapper object
                AddressWrapper addWrap = new AddressWrapper();
                addWrap.Latitude = add.pba__Latitude_pb__c;
                addWrap.Longitude = add.pba__Longitude_pb__c;
                addWrap.Street = add.pba__Street_pb__c; 
                addWrap.Address = add.pba__Address_pb__c; 
                addWrap.Location = add.Location__c;
                addWrap.PostalCode = add.pba__PostalCode_pb__c;
                listingAddress.location = addWrap;
            listingWrap.listingAddressList = listingAddressList;
        return result;
     * Main wrapper class which will hold listing properties
     * along with a list of ListingAddressWrapper class which will
     * hold multiple location of a listing
     * */
    public class ListingWrapper{
        @AuraEnabled public String Name;
        @AuraEnabled public String PropertyType;
        @AuraEnabled public String Status;
        @AuraEnabled public Decimal Price;
        @AuraEnabled public Decimal MonthlyRent;
        @AuraEnabled public List<ListingAddressWrapper> listingAddressList;
     * ListingAddressWrapper class which will hold icon and title of marker
     * along with multiple locations
     * */
    public class ListingAddressWrapper{
        @AuraEnabled public String title;
        @AuraEnabled public String icon;
        @AuraEnabled public AddressWrapper location;
     * AddressWrapper class to hold address properties
     * */
    public class AddressWrapper{
        @AuraEnabled public String Street;
        @AuraEnabled public String Address;
        @AuraEnabled public String Location;
        @AuraEnabled public String PostalCode;
        @AuraEnabled public String Latitude;
        @AuraEnabled public String Longitude;