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What is the process to define a Namespace for a Developer Org after code/objects are already deployed?

I have a Developer org where code/objects have already been deployed via ANT. The unfortunate part is that when the org was created, a namespace was not defined for the org. We now want to define a namespace but are afraid that the next deployment will create "duplicate" classes & objects.

Does a process exist to define a namespace for this org after code/objects are already deployed? Will doing so "move" all existing code/classes/processors and objects to the new namespace (expected)?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
If you move the changes after namespace it will create a duplicate as a said so 

these are the steps now 
  1. Take a data backup from the target org 
  2. Delete the all metadata using package.xml destructive 
  3. Reinstall the package 
  4. Reload the data