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Stephen LeongStephen Leong 

Some buttons and fields are not displaying in the layout

Some buttons and fields are not displaying in the layout, even though I can see them during preview. I'm guessing it has something to do with permissions, but I'm too new of a user to figure it out.
Saad Ahmad 27Saad Ahmad 27
Hi Stephen,

Try the following: 

From the management settings for the field’s object, go to the fields area.
Select the field you want to modify.
Click Set Field level Security.
Specify the field's access level for the various profiles.

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Button are showing layout?? or just fields ??
Stephen LeongStephen Leong
Thank you, Saad, this is exactly it.
Stephen LeongStephen Leong
Thanks Rajamohan, I got a reply from Saad earlier and suggested to modify the field accessibility and it worked for fields. However, I am still unable to find where to do the same for buttons.
Saad Ahmad 27Saad Ahmad 27
Stephen, are these custom buttons or SFDC standard buttons?
Stephen LeongStephen Leong
Saad, I am pretty sure it is a standard button. The particular one in question is [Create Opportunity] in Campaign Member layout.