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Bhavesh Jain 41Bhavesh Jain 41 

adding the snapins chat code in visualforce page which is then added to community

I have a few questions regarding Snap-ins chat
1) Based on what criteria, the fields appear in the snap-ins chat pre chat form configuration in the scenarios of Sales, Service and Basic scenarios. example if I have 20 fields in contact object not all the standard and custom fields appear in the pre chat form only a few appear.
2) Is there a way that we can get add additional fields in the pre chat form when a user fills in before initiating a chat
3) When I copy the snapins code snippet and paste it in a VF page it works fine however when I add that page to the Salesforce community at the footer I can see the chat window but no response when I click on that.

P.S: I have added the domains to cors list