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Having trouble dynamically determining server & required field data for a SecureLink remote session launched from SFDC.

I want to implement a method for give a Salesforce User the ability to initiate a SecureLink remote session into a Customer property  via a Salesforce Ticket by simply pressing a button.

You hit the button and the SecureLink Gatekeeper will launch in a new window (if you had access and entered your credentials and then pressed the ‘Connect’ link the screen would populate with the Salesforce Ticket info we passed in).  T

Since the format of the URL to induce the SecureLink Gatekeeper to launch is structured like this:

By putting this sfdc formula within the button{!Account.Customer_Number__c}?case={!Case.CaseNumber}&contacttype=RestLinkFromSalesforce
results in a formatted URL.

and it works, but.....If every Account had to connect to the same SecureLink Server AND, for every Account, SecureLink needed the same fields populated, then i would be fine and not asking for help.
  1. There is more than one SecureLink Server (I think there are three).  Some Accounts connect to our standard address other Accounts connect via a second address, and the rest connect via a third address.
  2. Depending on the selected Account there are different combinations of fields that are required to be in the URL.  Ex: Some Accounts require only the Ticket Number, others require Ticket Number, Contact, & Reason,  other Accounts require a different combination, etc

The whole process SHOULD go something like this:
  1. An Imployees works a Ticket and decides he/she would like to initiate a remote session to the property of the Ticket’s Account.
  2. He/She presses the ‘Remote Connect’ button on the Salesforce Ticket Page.
  3. This induces Salesforce to send a message containing the Ticket’s Account’s Customer Number to the RSS Interface 
  4. The RSS Interface receives the message, pulls out the Customer Number field, looks up the information for that Customer, and in turn sends a message back to Salesforce populating fields that tell Salesforce what SecureLink Server address to send the Gatekeeper message to as well as a list of what fields Salesforce must populate in the SecureLink Gatekeeper URL message (
  5. Salesforce receives the returning message, parses out the SecureLink Server address and required fields, then populates the Gatekeeper URL message based on the SecureLink server and fields required.  This message is then sent to the SecureLink server to induce the launching of the Gatekeeper 
  6. The remote Session is initiated.
  7. The employee does their remote work and ends the session.
  8. Via Salesforce API’s the SecureLink server populates the required Session, Service, & User objects with Session data

I really do not know the graceful way to do this.  If the ‘SecureLink Server’ data & ‘Required SecureLink Fields’ data existed as fields within the Salesforce Account objects I could dynamically construct the URL Gatekeeper message.  But sending, receiving, & parsing returning messages to & from the RSS Interface to dynamically determine the Server & Required Fields data is beyond my knowledge.

If anyone has seen something similar to this before, or has seen any related documention please feel free to direct me there.