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Helen He 7Helen He 7 

Cannot find custom object in object manager

I am reading the current code wriiten by our contractors, I notiched that there is a custom object which I am able to see from workbench and developer console, but cannot find it on setup->object mamanger, any idea? Thanks!

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Hi Helen,

The list in Workbench and Dev console contains both Custom Objects and Custom Settings. If it's not showing up on the Custom Objects screen in UI then it is likely to be a Custom Setting.
Custom Settings can be found in the UI under Setup > Custom Code > Custom Settings.

Helen He 7Helen He 7
I checked the custom setting, there is setting for that object, the visibility is public but it's grayed out, what kind of permission needed for that setting (I am a system admin), also what should it to be to make it be visible on the setup --> object manager?

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