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Arun Sarvan SamArun Sarvan Sam 

Only Showing Two Statuses in the Campaign Member - sent, res

How to update or remove the Campaign Member Status fields this differs from production to sandbox which is not correct. Please help to short out this cases?

While I am checking the field values in the sandbox showing the same value as such in the prod. but while adding/updating this is not same which is showing some default value in the pick list(sent, responded)

Sandbox having 2 status which is not correctWe need to update same like this in sandbox
Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Arun,

Campaign member status is configurable on related campaign record level.

So if you want to add or remove the status value in Campaign Member then you have to set the values in related Campaign record.  In the campaign record detail page you can see the advanced setup there you can set the status values to Campaign members.

Please refer the below link:


Arun Sarvan SamArun Sarvan Sam
Thanks for ur reply.. In my sandbox i cant able to see the advanced setup enabled. how to enable this pls?? 

after that only i can change the expected values.

meanwhile i am viewing any campaign member record status value always showing as 'Sent' by default.. which is not correct.. while editing i can see 2 values sent,responded.. pls help me??
Arun Sarvan SamArun Sarvan Sam
Hi Raj,

Could you please get back on the above reply?

I hope each and every campaign member linked with the campaign record? So advance setup will be in the campaign record? 

From there we can able to update the picklist values is this correct? 

Sameer Jagtap 8Sameer Jagtap 8
Hello Arun, 
I am facing the issue with Campaign Member Status and the record is getting set to 'Sent' or 'Responded'.
Can you tell me how did you resolved this issue?