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chandra Gopalchandra Gopal 

Super Badge : Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist- Challenge -7

Receiving same error message even after following instructions as per Trailhead and also the above-mentioned suggestion and not sure what is wrong, tried several time deleting and recreating as trailhead issue still persists please help
"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The Sales Operation dashboard isn't configured according to the requirements. 1. The Bar chart, Gauge and Donut must measure Sum of Amount and must be named correctly. 2. The filter must be named Stage value. 3. The dashboard should run as the logged in user."

Thanks, Chandra
Sunil RathoreSunil Rathore
Hi Chandra,

Greetings to you!!

Please refer the below link.

Hope this will help you. If does then mark it as the best answer so it can also help others in the future.

Many Thanks,
Sunil Rathore