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kallam salesforce1kallam salesforce1 

I am not getting any results, what is the error in my program?

Here i am using @wire as property and trying to iterate values. Could you please tell what is the error in below program?

public with sharing class lDS_GetContacts_Wire2 {
    public static list<Contact> findContacts(string searchtext){
          string key = '%'+searchtext+'%';
          return [Select id,Name,Phone,Email from Contact where FirstName LIKE:key];


    <lightning-card title="Search Contact WIRE">
        <lightning-input label="Enter the Search Text" type="search" value={searchkey} onchange={handleOnchange}>
            <template if:true={}>
                <template for:each={} for:item="con">
                    <p key={}>{con.Name}</p>
            <template if:true={contact.error}>
                Sorry we can't display your record due to {contact.error}. Please Try Later.

Js File >>>>>>>
import { LightningElement,track,wire} from 'lwc';
import findcontacts from '@salesforce/apex/lDS_GetContacts_Wire2.findContacts';
export default class LDS_SearchContact_Wire extends LightningElement {
    @track searchkey;
    @wire (findcontacts,{searchtext :'$searchkey'}) contact;
        this.searchkey =;