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Jude Green 18Jude Green 18 

only calculate days of age from a date field if close date in future

I want to have a continually updating Age in Days formula field, where it takes the number resulting from (TODAY() - (Age entered Stage2_c) but only when the Close Date is still in the future
It should freeze on the Days count when Close date is in the past.
I cannot get a working CASE or IF formula, I have looked through the various examples. Is this possible please?
I can do a PB or workflow, but these do not fire until an edit occurs.
Thanks for any suggestions
Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hii Jude Green 18
Try Below Formula

If the Close_Date__c is future date than it's calculate the total days otherwise it's return the 0 value in Days field.
        IF( Close_Date__c > Today(), Today() - DOB__c , 0 )

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