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Standard LWC component Lightning-Map is broken for LWR sites

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have found a bug in the LWC component Lightning-Map when used with LWR sites

To reproduce: 

Create a lightning-map component with multiple map markers and place it on an LWR site. Click on one of the map markers inside the map (not the list view.). The bug does not occur on Aura sites, and I it only occurs if the site's CSP security level is set to "Strict CSP" or Lightning Locker is turned on.

Expected behavior: 
The description of only the selected map marker should appear in the map.

Actual behavior: 
All of the descriptions for all of the map markers appear in the map.

Further details:
The bug only happens if the map markers are passed to the lightning-map component before the map is loaded. But if you simply hard code some map markers in the component, it will occur consistently. You'll be able to reproduce the bug by following the "Displaying Multiple Addresses and a Title" example in the lightning-map documentation.

If you inspect the onmarkerselect event, event.detail.selectedMarkerValue will be undefined, which I presume is related to the bug.