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Deepak Kumar Singh 15Deepak Kumar Singh 15 

The terminal process failed to launch: Invalid starting directory "C:\VSCodeQuickstart ", review your terminal.integrated.cwd setting.

How to solve this problem?
james jordanjames jordan
I had the same problem and was unable to locate a solution. For that, I've found an alternative solution.

(https://git-scm.com/downloads) Install git bash....
Open the settings.json file on your computer. adjust the terminal's path to the location where you installed git-bash. e.g., in "terminal.integrated.shell.windows," "terminal.integrated.shell.windows":
"terminal.integrated.shell.windows," for example: In my instance, it's "C:Program FilesGitgit-bash.exe." NOTE: There is a double back slash in the route (\ \).
'Ctrl+' is the shortcut key. The external Terminal is launched in the current directory.
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