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Andre ChambelAndre Chambel 

Einestein Chat Bot Dynamic menus

Hi everyone,
I would be very grateful if someone can help me.

I are trying to re use the selected value from a dynamic menu to use as an input to call other apex class.

I store values here (img 1), after I output this with success (img2).
I want to use the values as a input for call in next apex class(img3), but I get plain text "{!Matched_Order.OrderNumber}" on apex side and the Id is not passing.
Is it the correct way to pass the value or what am I missing?

Please help me finding the solution to make it work.
User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Best regards,
Andre Chambel
Hardika DoshiHardika Doshi
Hi Andre,
You can try out the following
1. Check if the Order Number is of String type of not
2. You can first call the Apex Action Get Order Item Details and store the output in a variable.
Later you can use this variable in the dynamic options
Andre ChambelAndre Chambel
Hi Hardika,
Order Number is a String type yes.
The problem is to call the Apex Action Get Order Item Details i whant to use that Order Number as input as you can see in last image.
Hardika DoshiHardika Doshi
Hi Andre, 
I hope you have solved the issue.
If not then in img3 where the Input is OrderNumber -> change the Source to Variable.
Andre ChambelAndre Chambel
Hi Hardika,
If i change it, i have to choose a variable for the input and i dont have this OrderNumber saved on a Text, Id variable.
I have it from the img2 as we can see in Matched Order(Object).
Arthur Santos AlmeidaArthur Santos Almeida
well, you cannot send it like that ({!Matched_Order.OrderNumber}) in the Input using Custom Value, this does not work.
you can change in the apex class to return fields instead of object whole Order 
so you save order number in a variable and will send orderNumber in the Input using Variable value
if you need the whole order object, so you can add fields in the apex class, to return object order AND fields you need
if this doesn't help, open a task to support salesforce, they can help you.
Andre ChambelAndre Chambel
Hi Arthur,
I save outputs from the 1st apex class in a chat bot object variable to show it as a dynamic options to be selected.
Because like this I can choose OrderNumber as output in dynamic menu (img4).
Saving Order Number in a variable, Subject in other and Status in Other i am not able to have this dynamic menus with option to choose.User-added image
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