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Andy Freeston_LarterAndy Freeston_Larter 

Case insensitive queries with Platform Encryption

I am trying to do a SOQL case insensitive text search on fields that have been encrypted with a “Deterministic – Case Insensitive” key. It seems that the query will only match case sensitive.

I have a Contact with the FirstName as “Andy”. Matching “Andy” results in a match but “andy” or “ANDY” results in no match.
SELECT Id, Name FROM Contact WHERE FirstName='Andy' => Found
SELECT Id, Name FROM Contact WHERE FirstName='andy' => Not found
SELECT Id, Name FROM Contact WHERE FirstName='ANDY' => Not found

Is this Salesforce Platform Encryption working as intended?
Is it possible to make the SOQL query case insensitive?

- Andy
AnkaiahAnkaiah (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Andy,

I have tested from end SOQL working for all scenarios as you mentioned in the description.

By default SOQL is case insensitive.

Please refer the below similar answer from stack exchange.


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Andy Freeston_LarterAndy Freeston_Larter
"By default SOQL is case insensitive" is true for non-encrypted fields. The problem is that once the field is encrypted, even with a deterministic case insensitive encryption key, the comparison becomes case sensitive.

I need a work around so I can do case insensitive queries.