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Thomas Miller 18Thomas Miller 18 

Enforce territory assignment rules when inline editing an account

Inline Edit and Territory Assignment Rules
When you inline edit an account and save, territory assignment rules cannot be enforced. Unfortunately even in an APEX trigger you cannot trigger the rules.
A possible solution seems to be to fire a web service call from the trigger which does a second update and requires territory assignment rules to be run.
Has anyone written working APEX code for this scenario and can share the relevant code snippets?
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hi Thomas,

Assignment rules don't fire with inline edits and thus inline editing of cases and leads doesn't make much sense

This is still in idea phase :- 

You can also upvote for this.

For more detail about the limitation refer this link :- 

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Priya Ranjan

Dr. Thomas MillerDr. Thomas Miller
Hello Priya,
i) I am talking about territory assignment rules, not cases or leads
ii) you cannot force users to edit accounts only through the edit layout when inline editing is so much easier. Hence we need a solution to fire assignment rules in this case.